Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBLACK VELVETS: VICTIM # 2 – 19 Mins

AllieThe devious and beautiful BLACK VELVETS is back…and this time she faces off against Allie Parker!  Destroying Merry Meow was easy enough, but Allie is a seasoned pro…and it shows.  The ladies start off with some back and forth arm locks but Allie traps Miss Velvets in a brutal arm wringer, following up with knee drops to the arm, arm bars, elbow strikes to the back, body punches, a jujigitame armlok, and a single arm choke that sends Velvets to dreamland!  Allie goes for the pin but Velvets kicks out and traps Parker in a reverse dragon sleeper/backbreaker!  Allie slowly fades to sleep as Jacquelyn maintains her grip…vowing revenge.  What follows is Black Velvets…COMPLETELY in control as she demolishes Allie Parker on the SKW mats…leading to a final finisher, pin, and victory pose that will leave you stunned!

I am absolutely loving the Black Velvets character. Not only do we get a little of Miss Velvets’ great selling to start, but then she turns it around and utterly destroys her opponents, in great fashion. I loved the Merry vid, but this time we get the incredible Allie Parker. Allie does a great job, not only being a super babyface and bubbly, but also giving us some great over the top reactions, plenty of very nice twitching, good eyerolling and even a little bit of drooling and tongue protrusion. A very cock and awesome looking pin wraps this one up, while Allie keeps twitching, even through the pin. I really love the twitching pins too. I really hope this is the beginning of big series of videos because I’m already loving it. If you thought Merry put on a good show in part 1, wait till you see the show Allie puts on for us in part 2.

Overall score: 9.5/10

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