Review of Bikini Domination

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBikini Domination – 28.5 mins

The rules are simple, this is a 30 minute multi fall wrestling match. The loser of each fall must raise the hand of her opponent in victory plus put a winning mark under her name on a nearby marker board. Peyton immediately took LeAnn down with a leg sweep then put her in a painful leg lock, adding a surfboard hold brought screams of submission from the tanned beauty. Peyton reveled in her quick victory and smiled as she made LeAnn raise her hand and mark the board. Although LeAnn managed to get a camel clutch and full nelson on Peyton in subsequent rounds, Peyton managed to escape and turn the tables on LeAnn, putting the beauty in tons of nasty holds, bringing more screams of submissions, more raised hands, and more marks on the board. As the match progressed, Peyton managed to destroy and humiliate her opponent, even leaving the beauty knocked out by a figure four headscissors. When the time was nearly up and it was obvious that LeAnn wouldn’t be able to continue, Peyton simply sat down on her in a humiliating school girl pin until the time was up, then had LeAnn mark another point on the board and raise her hand again.

Humiliation is the name of this game and this vid delivers that by the truckload. It’s not often that we get to see Peyton win a match, much less see her dominate a larger opponent. Peyton is one of my favorite jobbers and FWR and i though it would be great to see her as a heel and she does great, totally controlling LeAnn, even slipping a KO in this submission, humiliation focused vid. I love how LeAnn slowly gets more exhausted and is still forced to write down Peyton’s winning rounds and raise her hand after each win. She sells that really well, by the end she can barely stand and looks totally defeated and embarrassed. Overall, if you love some solid humiliation or just want to see Peyton dominate, then this is the video for you.

Overall Score: 8/10