Review of BewareHouse

Review of Velvets FantasiesBeware House – 21 mins

Candle Boxxx and Jacquelyn Velvets are lost with no GPS or working cell phones on a rainy as they as they pull up to a warehouse , looking for help, shelter, and some directions. Candle ventures in first while Velvets tries to get her phone to work, but a shadowy figure watches. He greets Candle at the door, promising the use of a phone. What he delivers instead is a dose of chloroform, a long carry through a desolate warehouse filled with God Knows What, and a slow and methodical ragdoll/limb play session. Candle’s clothes are removed and Velvets approaches the unlocked door. She finds her friend and barely has time to scream before receiving the same treatment. Placing Velvets next to Candle, he poses them provocatively, smiling as he tosses their garments in the trash. A final set of carries to another room, one we’re never meant to see, as we fade to black.

Candle and Jackie are both amazing performers and sell amazingly, but most of this one is limp play and they don’t get to sell it too much. It also feels a bit cramped in this warehouse as even getting the beautiful limp bodies to the examination table seemed harder than it should be. The best thing about having such a small work space is that we get to watch Candle sleep in the background while the attacker works on undressing Jackie, which is always great to see, two beautiful bodies is always better then one. Overall, it feels a bit cramped for space and a bit on the simple side, but is still a good show, always great to see half naked Candle and Miss Velvets played with and carried around.

Overall Score: 8/10