Review of Beware the Masked Man

Review of Beware the Masked Man – 9 min

Lucky O’Shea shows up at the Lucha girls ring, told she has a mixed match. When she got there though, she regrets showing up, as a big masked man takes control of her as soon as she gets there. He tosses her around the ring with ease, pulverizing her back with various painful methods, clubs, kicks, back breakers, stretches until she screams out her submission. He leaves her laying on the mat nursing her broken back.

Another great, Lucky one sided beatdown. There’s some great selling from Lucky but unfortunately there are no KOs, not even at the end. But other than that, this is really great. This masked man is totally dominate, just as he is supposed to be. He keeps things moving at a good pace, never staying in one hold too long or talking too much, but good trash talk when he does stop to talk. Lucky never even had a chance to even lay a hand on him, Overall, great submission holds, great reaction from Lucky, in those super sexy silver shorts but, no KOs, and a great dominate heel. So, no KOs is my only complaint, great everywhere else.

Overall Score: 8/10