Review of Belly Punching Contest: LeAnn vs Suzanne

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBelly Punching Contest: LeAnn vs Suzanne – 10.5 Mins

LeAnnLeAnn and Suzanne meet in the studio dressed in tight jeans and bikini tops. They begin comparing who has the strongest abs when LeAnn challenges Suzanne to a friendly belly punching contest. The girls take turns with their backs to the wall delivering five punches each as they trash talk each other. The beauties both start off strong but it seems LeAnn’s punches are more effective. Before long Suzanne is the first to crumble to her knees, winded from a strong blow! However, she isn’t ready to submit the match yet and they return to the competition. After several HARD punches to each other, we can see that LeAnn doesn’t have the endurance that Suzanne has and ends up taking a knee and submitting the match. But … Suzanne suddenly turns evil, yanks LeAnn back to her feet and throws punch after punch into the tanned beauties sore belly! LeAnn tries to submit but Suzanne holds her up for more punishment. In the end, Suzanne lets LeAnn drop then finishes her off with a sleeper hold for good measure. We think LeAnn won’t be quick to challenge Suzanne in the future!

I’m not the biggest fan of the belly punching contest videos, but I do love watching LeAnn lose. LeAnn actually puts up a good battle, even making Suzanne drop to her knees first from the belly punches, but LeAnn gets over confident and thinks Suzanne is going to keep playing fair, but Suzanne knew she was in trouble and just doesn’t stop at 5 punches, tossing the rules aside and just crushing LeAnn with belly punches. This is the part I really enjoyed, more helpless and defeated LeAnn. I like LeAnn so much now, I actually look for moments of her losing, like this. After a few minutes of nonstop belly punches Suzanne KOs LeAnn with a sleeper. So, I’m not huge on the belly punching contests, but I love the one sided belly punching domination with a sleeper KO on top and some victory poses on the side.

Overall Score: 7.5/10