Review of Belly Battle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBelly Battle – 23 mins

Becca and Carrie meet in the ring wearing boxing gloves for a kick boxing match that goes back and forth with some great punches, kicks, and knees to the belly. Both girls take their share of punishment but it’s soon clear that Becca has the stronger punches and kicks that slowly weaken her rival. Carrie goes down a couple of times, but Becca really enjoys punishing her and pulls her right back up. After finally destroying Carrie and knocking her out cold, Becca rolls Carrie out of the ring to have more fun with her. Becca takes off her gloves and puts on some super sexy high heels, then removes the unconscious girl’s boxing gloves and places her in a pair of high heels on her as well. She wakes Carrie up and goes back to work on her bare belly with more punches, knees, and kicks with the high heels. Poor Carrie finally takes an unusual amount of punishment against the wall as Becca holds her up by the throat while sending punches into her body. Carrie finally goes unconscious while being beaten by the deliciously evil Becca. Rick throws in some different camera angles that we don’t usually see, such as POV view of Carrie’s body as she is being punched by Becca. Finally Carrie can take no more and passes out even though Becca is still holding her up. Becca puts one more knee to Carrie’s belly, than lets her fall to the ground. Even Rick gets a shot to gut before Becca walks away.

I thought I was going to like this vid, but ended up loving it much more that I thought. I said this started out back and forth, but that’s pretty short lived, I think Carrie only had control for maybe a minute or two total, the rest of this 20+ min vid is all Becca. Becca and Carrie play off of each other extremely well. Becca is so evil and merciless, it’s glorious. Carrie reactions are really great, there isn’t any eyerolling or anything too over the top, but the big puffs of air that get forced from her lungs are perfect. Carrie passes out from time to time from the ridiculous amount of belly punishment she’s taking and often ends up in the, fan favorite, butt in the air position.  If that’s not sexy enough, around the halfway point, Becca removes the gloves and straps on some super sexy high heels for her and Carrie then continues her domination. I like the Carrie’s POV, we get to see as Becca is pounding on her abs, don’t think that’s happened before, would mind seeing more of that. The final KO is great, I love that Carrie can take no more punishment and passes out as Becca holds her up, adding a few more shots before the final knee forces one more great reaction from Carrie, that drops her in the butt in the air position. Overall, I love boxing, I love sexy high heels, I love one sided matches and I love this vid.

Overall Score: 9.5/10