Review of BED, MATS, and BEYOND

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBED, MATS, and BEYOND – 20 mins

We fade in on Heather West and Jacquelyn Velvets discussing past matches while lounging in Velvets’ bedroom. The two decide to have a friendly match in the mat room. Heather dares Jacquelyn to take her down with some belly blows. Velvets obliges, taking Heather out with a bunch of different belly attack, topped off with a 10 count pin. Next round Jackie admits to having a glass jaw, Heather happily takes advantage of this, dazing Miss Velvets with some punches to the chin. She follows up with some knees, an x-factor and a neck scissors/punch combo. Than goes for her pin on the sleeping Velvets. Round 3, the girls go back to back, agreeing to just see who’s best. Jacquelyn breaks up the test of strength with an x-factor and a sleeper, she then goes for a pin, but decides she needs come toys to finisher Heather off and leaves to retrieve them. Heather wakes up while she’s gone and leaves to find Jackie. Soon we she Heather approach Miss Velvets from behind, with a blackjack in hand. She knocks Jacquelyn out with a single blow and over the shoulder carries her out of the room. Later we see Heather drop Jackie on the bed, back in her bedroom. She takes Jacquelyn down and out via blackjack strike, loaded pillow strike to the face, and a final neckscissors KO! We fade out as a happy Heather decides to nap, using Jacquelyn’s head as a foot stool.

I really like the way this match is set up, giving a little reason behind the friendly battle. I love how much the butt in the air KO pose is used in this. It’s great to see both Jackie and Heather doing that. Heather has a really great way of selling, every punch just seems to make a huge impact. Jackie is such an awesome seller, she’s without a doubt one of the best out there. I can never get enough of her eyerolling. Both girls looked awesome and played well off of each other, as there was a little bit of talking in this. I really liked the action in each round, topped off with a pin and how this ended too. From where Jackie gets sneak attacked, to Heather’s “victory pose”. All of that just felt creative and fun. Overall, this vid has a great, fun feeling video, with a little bit of silliness and great selling from both awesome girls.

Overall score: 8.5/10