Review of Becca’s Self Defense Class

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Self Defense Class – 10.5 mins

This fun video begins with Kristie Etzold approaching the FWR Studio, telling us that although she’s tough it never hurts to get a little training. She signed up for a class, but soon finds the instructor to be, cute little Becca, dressed in a tiny bikini! Kristie laughs, but Becca tells her that she’s qualified to run the class and tells Kristie to attack her. Kristie quickly slaps Becca in the face! A groggy Becca says Kristie got lucky and to try it again so Kristie tosses the groggy blond around the ring! Becca finally puts on some boxing gloves and tells Kristie that if she can beat her then Becca will refund her money. From there on out we have an extremely one sided and silly boxing match with Becca spending the majority of the time with her eyes crossed and plenty of time knocked out on the mat! Becca even ends up hanging upside down in the corner as Kristie pops her in the face with punches! An extremely groggy Becca gets punched all over the place until the final powerful KO punch. We end the video with Kristie sitting on the couch next to a groggy Becca. Kristie asks for her money back, but the punch drunk Becca tells her that she already spent the money … on the cute bikini she’s wearing! A livid Kristie pounds punch after punch into Becca’s face until the beauty gives us her BEST cross-eyed, silly reaction look before passing out!

Becca and FWR again bring us another of my favorite kind of video. It says it in the description and it’s no overstatement, Becca really does spend most of this video crossed eyed, knocked out and punch drunk. As always, Becca is amazing at selling theses silly, over the top matches, this one arguable being one of her best ones yet. Kristie of course has way too much fun beating up Becca, after all, it is what she does best. I like this story idea too, having Becca so confident and stubborn, always makes her defeat just that much more fun. There is plenty of knockouts along the way, where Becca gets tossed to mats for Kristie powerful punches, landing in some great KO positions. Overall, this is my favorite kind of video, I’ll never get tired of seeing Becca giving us great over the top reactions. Rick could release them every day and I’ll never ever get tired see them.
Overall score: 9.9/10