Review of Becca’s Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Becca’s Rematch – 14.5 Mins

BeccaBecca has challenged you to a rematch after you knocked her out in your previous encounter (see “Three Rounds with Becca”). She’s confident that she’s “gonna beat you up and you’re gonna take it!” The bell rings and you connect with a few punches, but Becca comes back and knocks you on your butt! She dominates round one and you’re saved by the bell. In round two she comes out strong and lands some solid shots, but you respond with a big counter punch that rocks her. You soon take control and work her over for most of the round. She drops a few times, but manages to get up before the 10 count. In round three you pound her early, but she comes right back at you! It’s pretty much an even round and neither of you gain the advantage. Round four and although there’s a bit of back and forth punching, you soon take control and Becca finds herself on the mat several times before being saved by the bell! Round five is a TOTAL domination of our cute blond! Poor Becca is rocked by your punches and goes down several times before you finally put her to sleep with a HUGE punch! The 10 count is official and you get to take a good long look at the sleeping beauty on the mat beneath you!

I love these matches even, though they are back and forth for a while, which would normally be a negative thing for me. I love that it’s a hard fought battle, the way these are done just works excellently and is always really exciting to watch. There’s plenty of knock downs for both you and Becca. Becca, of course, is overly confident, which only make her eventual loss even better, but she talked tough when she’s in control, which is fun. Becca’s reactions to the punches are flawless. I love how her expression charges when she’s hit, then turns tough again when she fights back. The last two rounds are filled with a weakened, punch drunk Becca, reeling from tons of punches and finally being completely defeated, in glorious fashion. The POV allows us to get great up close looks at Becca’s reactions and no matter what she’s going through, it’s great to see her expressions. Any POV with Becca ending up on the losing side, is always solid gold and this one is definitely no different.

Overall score: 9.9/10