Review of Becca’s Practice Session

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Practice Session – 28 mins

This fun video begins after Alex has totally destroyed Peyton and puts her in the dressing room to sleep it off (Peyton Meets Alex). As she returns from the dressing room, Alex finds Becca congratulating her on her domination of Peyton. Becca then proceeds to tell Alex that she could use her help to practice for an upcoming match. Alex doesn’t want anything to do with Becca, but ends up on the receiving end of a long session of knockouts After what much have felt like eternity, Becca finally carries Alex to the dressing room, to sleep next to Peyton.

T His is one I can safely say has more then enough KOs for any KO fan, even me. Alex puts on one hell of a show for us. She is dazed and pretty much out of it, the hold time. Becca uses all the tricks of the trade, not only plenty of KOs moves, but toys like taxers, tactics like boxing, and Submission holds. Becca even gives Alex a chance, letting her put some holds on her, which she laughs as Alex tries to take her down, that play possum to take control of the match again. Overall, this is an awesome vid, with tons of great KOs, Becca reminding us that she can kick ass, just a good as she can get her ass kicked and great selling from Alex.

Overall Score: 9.5/10