Review of Becca’s Knockout Secret

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Knockout Secret – 16.5 Mins

BeccaIt seems that sweet Becca had a little secret! She LOVES getting knocked out! Since there was no one else around, our cute blond decides to knock herself out and gets really creative in her ideas! She also describes each knockout as it happens and hears birdies as she’s slowly crumbling to the floor or wall. She does the following knockout: blackjack to the head, cabinet door to the head, boxing glove punches, inflatable mallet hit to the head, head smashes on the ring apron and on the turnbuckle, beach ball to the head, mirror door smack to the head, surprise ball drop on the head, and a final bed scene where she decides to lay down for a nap but ends up hitting her head on the head board. All of the knockouts feature Becca’s lovely eye rolls, crossed eyes, silly grins, and sexy knocked out positions.

BRILLIANT, I don’t really need to say more. This vid is all about silly KOs, which I love and of course, Becca is outstanding in this. Tons of great eye rolling and crossing, I love her narrations, her reactions, the cute little outfit she’s got on and the pure number of KOs and pace of this vid. This one just gets it right the whole way through. It’s a one woman show and I wouldn’t want anyone else, other than Becca doing this. That’s really it guys, I got nothing else to add, it’s an amazing vid, go get it. Oh, but interesting little fact, this vid was filmed on the same day as the Q&A vid Becca did for us. Her outfit raised my suspicion, and turns out it was right.

Overall Score: 9.9/10