Review of Becca’s Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Becca’s Invisible Foe – 17.5 Mins

BeccaBecca enters the FWR studios ready to take on anyone, but nothing could have prepared her for this. She feels a sudden tap on her shoulder, but turns to find no one. A familiar voice says “hello” and then the sudden force of a punch to the face sends Becca’s head snapping to the side, her body falling and  bouncing off the ring apron, knocking her out cold. Becca is slowly lifted by her invisible foe and rolled into the ring. Becca wakes up, confused as to what just happened to her, still not seeing a soul anywhere. She is again met with invisible punches that knock her right back out. She is suddenly woken up by stomps to her belly and the stomps keep coming till she passes out again.  When she wakes up this time, Becca gets quickly to her feet and starts swinging wild punches, desperate to connect with whatever is attacking her. However, her efforts are futile as her punches get countered, dazing her till she spins and falls, out cold again. This one sided destruction continues as Becca again and again gets back up, only to be met with more invisible attacks and knocked back out. The cute blond always ends up in a spread eagle position and the camera captures all the sweet angles of the unconscious beauty. You’ll even see the knocked out blond get her limp arms and legs played with as she lays on the mat. The beating finally comes to an end when Becca can no longer make it to her feet. She tries twice to get back up, but is too dizzy and exhausted, crumbling back to the mats. This video is an amazing display of Becca’s spectacular acting abilities as she TOTALLY sells the fact that she’s being destroyed by an invisible foe!

Here is the second one of FWR’s invisible foe series and this one, as I hoped, stars Becca. They definitely make a great step in the right direction, adjusting things after doing the first one. There’s a little less time of watching Becca just laying spread eagle, but just a little less, so there still plenty of Becca KO’d and we get more knockouts just based on that. We also get a few more KO techniques, so not just punches, but a few choke outs and wrestling moves too. There is still only the spread eagle KO pose used, but Becca gets rolled around a little and we get a few different positions from that. Becca’s selling is awesome as always, giving us excellent reactions, really nailing the spread eagle KOs and nice eyerolling, even a little bit twitching. Definitely more twitching, nothing better see then a spread eagle KO with some twitching. I love this one even more then the first one and I really hope to get many, many more of these.

Overall Score: 9.9/10