Review of Becca’s Boxing Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca’s Boxing Lesson – 10 mins

Becca and Antoinette meet in the boxing ring for a standard 10 count boxing match. They start off equal, each beauty gaining a knockdown or two from powerful punches. The ref starts his count to 10, but they manage to rise before the count out. Antoinette soon tires of this cat and mouse game and tells the ref to be quiet so she can just enjoy beating Becca up. From there, it’s a one sided face and belly pounding melee. Poor Becca is nearly knocked out several times, enduring powerful punches to the head and belly, and finally given a little lesson in the types of punches that boxers use. She’s groggy and punch drunk throughout most of this match as they have a little camera fun with creative angles, slow motion punches, and even our patented “Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facial”! Soon enough Becca is put out of her misery, Antoinette take her victory pose and we get a long shot of Becca completely motionless on the floor.

You can tell by the title what happens in this one. Something I don’t think I can ever, ever, get tired of seeing. Becca again gets totally destroyed in a boxing match. This time it’s Antoinette handing out the beating. Becca starts this one by saying she’s beaten people bigger then Antoinette before. I don’t have a clue what world she did I that in, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this one. Becca does trade punches with Antoinette for a little while, but soon gets over powered and wrecked. Becca spends the rest of the match trying to stay in her feet, which doesn’t work, but since Antoinette stopped the ref from counting Becca doesn’t have to hurry to beat the count. Antoinette just helps her back up to her feet for more punches. It’s great to see the patented “Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facial” again, it been too long since I’ve seen it and it’s always great for a laugh. It better not take this long to see it again. I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing Becca getting dominated, especially in boxing matches. Her selling is always top tier, one of the best at being punch drunk, with great reactions and expressions every time. Also both girls are in bikinis and Chuck boots, which is always worth extra points in my book and we get a great long look at Becca KO’d at the end. Overall, this is another instant classic for me, as Becca being dominated in a boxing match is always extremely fun, sexy and well done.

Overall score: 9.5/10