Review of Becca, the Kick Fighter

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca, the Kick Fighter – 12 Mins

FOOT ssssWe join cute Peyton in the ring wearing her karate gi and showing off her kicking skills. Enter Becca, who isn’t impressed! The fight begins and Peyton throws a few kicks that barely make an impact on Becca. Then Becca takes over! Wearing converse boots, Becca kicks the crap out of Peyton with straight kicks, sweeping kicks, and jump kicks, rocking her all over the ring! She stomps her in the corner and on the ropes, dropping her several times. Face kicks and a boot choke in the corner drops Peyton to the mat where Becca calmly removes her boots. She then uses her cute bare feet to stomp the girl in the belly and smash her in the face with sidekicks. A stunned Peyton is brought to her feet and placed on the ropes for more intense kicks and stomps, and taunted with a foot in the face! After removing Peyton’s karate belt, Becca wraps it around her neck and holds her in the corner to slam more kicks into her face! The final knockout kick is something you need to see to believe as little Peyton is held at arm’s length by the belt around her neck! Several sweet bare foot on face victory poses brings this little video gem to a close!

This is a kick ass video, pun intend, this is one where Becca gets to be to dominate one over Peyton, dressed as the karate expert. Peyton is awesome, I really like her selling and I love the she even gets choked with her own belt, even got a tiny bit of tongue protrusion. Becca looks so confident and cocky while she’s running the show, which is nice to see sometimes, because Becca is really good at being the heel too. I love all the kicks, hated that Becca took off her boots halfway thought, but I got over it. The barefoot action was pretty great. I really like the foot on the face humiliation stuff. My real problem with this one should be no surprise to anyone who knows me at all and that is the karate gi. It absolutely ruins so much of the sexiness this vid could of had. Even the long victory poses at the end, lost a lot of it’s value and I normally love that. Everything else about this vid is really nice, I love Becca and Peyton, but the Karate gi is just so boring, it really hurts an otherwise very solid video.

Overall Score: 8/10