Review of Becca Takes the Belt

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms –  Becca Takes the Belt – 13 mins

A confident Mystique shows off the wrestling belt she recently won from Becca (see “I Quit Match”) and challenges anyone to a match. Becca enters and accepts the challenge, wanting to win her belt back. Mystique laughs and can’t believe that the “jobber” Becca would have the arrogance to enter the ring against her, then ATTACKS! She shoves a shocked Becca into the ropes and nearly chokes the life out of her, then follows up with a few powerful knees to the gasping girl’s belly. When Mystique throws her opponent into the far ropes for a clothesline, Becca suddenly ducks under Mystique’s arm and rebounds off the ropes into a flying head scissors/hammerlock hold that brings the mighty Mystique to the mats! The intensity of the hold leaves Mystique vulnerable to an amazing beating by Becca that includes arm stretches, scissors, body splashes, face and belly punches, PLENTY of shoe in face holds, and many holds we don’t even know the name of! And in a MAJOR show of strength, Becca manages to body slam Mystique! (Well, kind of … ha ha) The end comes when Becca wraps Mystique up in a very tight sleeper hold that puts the powerful woman out for good. Becca regains her belt and gives us several victory poses with her shoe on her unconscious rival’s face!

This is one of those vids you have to see to believe, in fact, even when you see it, you still can’t believe it! After seeing the total destruction that Mystique has put on Becca and some many others, it is really weird to see her on the complete other side of the coin. I mean, Mystique really never stood a chance after the opening seconds and Becca just completely steam rolls her, never letting up. Once you get over the shock of this, you really have a nice squash. I really like Becca’s cute pink shoes and there is something really great and humiliating about Becca constantly trying to stuff them in Mystique’s face. Mystique really puts it over too, as she sells this so great, making Becca seem like the monster heel. Overall, as hard as this vid is to believe, it well executed, well delivered and I am definitely a fan of the foot in the face humiliation style of this vid. This is a really good video, totally crazy to see, amazing role reversal.

Overall Score: 9/10