Review of Becca Meets Suzanne

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Meets Suzanne – 12.5 mins

As Becca is telling us how proud she is of herself for working out, flexing and showing off her beautiful body, a new female wrestler enters the ring. Suzanne is a fitness trainer and decides to show Becca what real muscles are. Becca get knocked out over and over again as Suzanne discusses the muscle groups that she’s using. Suzanne easy over powers Becca as she tries to educate her by example. Becca passes out from just about everything, as she is bent, steached and squeezed into unconsciousness. Suzanne, who stands 5’9″ and sports some serious muscle, finally brings Becca’s lesson to a close with another tight scissors, than wakes Becca just a little to make sure she understood her teachings as she poses victorious over her 1st FWR student.

What better what to make a debut as a FWR powerhouse, then getting to stretch out the amazing Becca? This is a great way to be introduced to FWR’s new comer, Suzanne. She looks amazing, has a great attitude and I think she’ll fit right in. Becca, of course, delivers another top notch performance. I love her as a jobber and I love it even more when she’s the cute, innocent and not expecting the incoming beatdown. As much as Suzanne looks the part of a great heel, I got to say, I wouldn’t mind seeing her defeated by Antoinette or Mystique. Overall, another perfect vid for us Becca fans and an entertaining introduction to the new, powerful, Suzanne.

Overall Score: 8.5/10