Review of Becca Meets Sinn Sage

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Becca Meets Sinn Sage – 18 Mins

SINNBecca enters the dressing room and informs us that she’s got a match today and plans on wearing her “ass kicking outfit” but can’t seem to find it! Suddenly, Sinn Sage appears in the doorway … dressed in Becca’s outfit! She knocks Becca out then makes us leave the dressing room while she prepares her opponent for the match. The door soon opens and out comes Sinn carrying a pink leotard wearing Becca over her shoulder! She takes the blond over to the couch, dumps her on it then goes to town on her! Poor Becca is punched and kicked all over the place, knocked out a few times, then thrown into the ring after a powerful torture rack! Inside the ring, the lovely and deadly Sinn puts Becca through a series of knockout wrestling moves then ends Becca’s day with a wild figure four head scissor modification that you’ll just need to see to believe!

What an awesome vid this is. You just can’t go wrong when you have anything with Becca and Sinn. Both amazing girls never ever disappoint and that trend continues here. It’s great how Becca comes in, sure she’s about kick ass, then Sinn shows up in Becca’s trademark heel outfit and my goodness does she wear it well. I think it’s also pretty safe to say the pink one piece is a trademark jobber outfit for just about everyone, but it looks especially nice on Becca. The initial KO also knocks all the fight out of Becca, as she does even have the senses left to try and fight back. We get a nice selection of moves in this one as Sinn uses a lot of kicks and punches outside the ring, then dumps Becca inside the ring from some wrestling action. Plenty of KOs and Becca’s great eyerolling also along the way. Once Sinn has had her fun with Becca we get 3 different sexy pins before the final shot of Becca laid out in the middle of the ring. I absolutely love how much fun Sinn had beating down Becca. with plenty of knockouts and Becca awesome selling, this vid is a total blast.

Overall Score: 9.5/10