Review of Becca Learns a Lesson

Review of Mixed Wrestling FantasiesBecca Learns a Lesson – Part one 19.5 MinsPart two 24 Mins = 43 Mins

BeccaPART ONE: Poor Becca!! Our cute college coed, dressed in tiny booty shorts and a cut off t-shirt, is stretching beside the ring when she’s attacked by a masked man! It turns out that Becca destroyed a female friend of his in a recent wrestling match, putting her through a series of intensely painful wrestling holds! The masked man wants to get revenge for his friend and proceeds to kick and knee Becca in the crotch with lots of low blows before tossing her in the ring. She begs, pleads, and screams as he bends her over his knee, on his shoulders, and while laying on the turnbuckle! She experiences tons of unusual positions as the masked man spreads her legs and claws her inner thighs! This is part one of an EPIC beat down on the poor little Becca! PART TWO: In the second half of this epic video, Becca is stripped out of her shorts and t-shirt down to a tiny bikini. She kicks and screams, trying to escape so the masked man ties her wrists behind her back before continuing the domination! He stomps her with his big boots, grinds them into her fingers, and stomps her in the crotch before continuing with his leg spreading domination. Her legs are worked over with a figure four leglock, a single leg boston crab, a crotch smash into the corner post, and a huge leg split! Poor Becca screams in pain when the match ends with the evil man grinding his boot into her beautiful face!! We think that Becca learned her lesson about being too mean to other girls in her wrestling matches!

It’s pretty cool to see Rick in front of the camera for once and as long as he’s dressed like this, I really didn’t have any complaints about it. He also does great being really mean to poor Becca and talking some great trash as well. This vid is just a nonstop torture session for Becca. There is a lot, a lot of submission holds, a lot of them are very creative and really show off Becca’s beautiful body. That’s just in part one, before she gets stripped into down to a bikini, has her arms tied behind the back for a lot much more sexy, painful submission holds for part two. Becca, of course, sells this all amazingly, lots of big screams and pain filled faces. I really loved the t-shirt and “hot pants” look, but can’t complain about the bikini either. All the bending and flexing of Becca look awesome. I really like that all of part 2 has Becca with her hands tied behind her back, really makes her super defenseless. I do have to mention that there’s 40+ mins of action without a single KO, you know I would like at least one at the end, but still a very good vid, a do love a watching Becca being bent in a lots of very great submission holds.

Overall Score: 9/10