Review of Becca Gets Bullied

Review of Becca Gets Bullied – 12 min

Becca is alone stretching in the ring, when Alex and Daniela walk in. They circle Becca like sharks and Becca knows she’s in trouble. The girls each grab one arm and start kicking Becca in the belly. Then they drag Becca back against the ropes and choke her with their boots, then do a double arm flip to the mat for more punishment. Poor Becca screams in pain as she’s put through double arm bars moves, then knocked out with a camel clutch/leglock/sleeper hold. They continue their torment with a few more double team moves with a couple of KOs along the way. Soon they have Becca begging to be put out. A double stunner does the trick and the two bullies happily pose over their victim.

Once again Becca delivers me a great performance. As soon as she sees Alex and Daniela, the sheer terror on Becca’s face is golden. The girls do nothing, but tag team attacks on the helpless Becca. Some are very creative, all are really sexy and well executed. Always great to see Becca bent and stretched. Daniela has an awesome accent, there’s too much chatter and screams for me to place where she’s from, but its nice. I’m satisfied with the amount of KOs in this one. I would have liked them both to pin Becca, one at a time for at least a 5 count, that’s the only thing I’d add. Overall, despite the epic videos Rick has provided in the update, any Becca fan shouldn’t pass this one up.

Overall Score: 8.5/10