Review of Becca Confronts Layla

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBecca Confronts Layla – 24 Mins

BeccaBecca is fed up with the fact that Layla has been dominating lots of girls at FWR and has decided to confront her about it. Layla is happy to fight Becca and this epic battle begins in the studio. The girls battle it out in a fist fight outside the ring, then end up in the ring where Layla ends up putting Becca down with a powerful uppercut. Becca decides to flee and ends up running outside with Layla following her. The two beauties battle it out by the fire pit and Becca actually manages to knock Layla out. But when Layla starts to wake up Becca runs away again to hide. Layla finds the girl crouched in the side fight room and they go at it again with Layla mostly dominating with a camel clutch, a hammerlock, a head scissors, a school girl pin, and a dragon sleeper. Becca’s only defense is to fake being knocked out and then manages to knock Layla out! Becca then runs into the house where she calls her friend Rick to come and save her from Layla. Layla finds Becca and beats on her some more inside the house, finally knocking her out right as Rick (you in a POV) enters the house. You fight Layla and knock her out then you and Becca take her to the studio where you tie Layla to a chair. Becca gleefully poses with the struggling Layla for some sexy photos but Layla manages to escape and attacks both of you. Her punches put both of you down and in a dazed state you witness Layla’s final domination of poor Becca! Leaving the both of you laid out next to each other.

Here is an amazing video that shows off some of the best elements of FWR. First and most apparent of all is Becca’s acting. She is such an amazing actress, really selling her fear and desperation with prefect line delivery and a great outfit, which is basically street clothes, but still looks awesome on Becca, she is just amazing in every way. Layla is really great too, with an even better outfit and almost like a horror movie killer, she calmly follows after Becca, finding her no matter where she hides, it’s a really great touch and I loved it. Most of the combat is fist fighting, with a little bit of wrestling mixed in. We get a couple KOs in this too, most of them are surprisingly Becca knocking out Layla, even though Layla is in control most of the time and Becca is just trying to get away. Becca calls Rick to save her and he comes in POV form, another major staple of FWR, and at first he saves the day, but Layla, again like a horror movie killer, breaks free and is somehow able to beat up both Rick and Becca. Becca even tires to get up and attack Layla one more time before she leaves, only to get knocked back down again, giving us a very unique final shot as Becca and Rick both lay on barely conscious from the beating. Overall, this one is a ton of fun to watch, is extremely well done and shows off some of my favorite things about FWR: Becca, fistfights, KOs and these really fun, out of the ordinary videos.

Overall Score: 9.5/10