Review of Beauties in Battle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBeauties in Battle – 14 mins

Two girls wearing robes enter the ring and take their corners. The robes come off and we find Layla wearing a leopard print thong with tights and her opponent, Ericka, wearing a zebra print thong with tights. The bell rings and they connect in the center of the ring. Ericka takes control and punishes Layla with a corner foot choke and one legged scissors. She throws her to the mat and snaps her thighs around the girl’s neck for a straight scissors. Feeling that she’s already won this match, Ericka moves into a high and tight schoolgirl pin and begins to count! Just as she’s about to say “TEN”, Layla bites Ericka in the thigh! The dark haired cutie rolls off of Layla nursing her sore thigh as Layla takes over. Some headlocks, head scissors, foot chokes, a body splash in the corner, a snap mare, a double arm pull, and side head scissors with a foot choke has Ericka groggy and ready for Layla to finish her off. Layla puts her in a reverse figure four head scissors that has Ericka’s eyes rolling as she slowly slides into unconsciousness! Layla counts her out with a schoolgirl pin and is declared the winner! And for good measure, Layla does some sexy poses over her knocked out rival!

This is a pretty straight forward battle, with Ericka taking the early lead, only to lose control and get dominated by Layla. What makes this one special for me, is the outfits. The super sexy, animal print, one-pieces have both of these girls looking outstanding. I’m also happy with both of the girl’s selling in this one, as they both looked really confident while in control and really sexy while losing. A lot of great holds where performed here, some unique looking scissors with Rick 100% on top of the action, giving us lots of great angles and not missing any reactions. I love the way the tide turned, with Layla taking a huge bite out of Ericka’s inner thigh. What a unique, funny and expected way to take control of the match. A nice tight scissors slowly puts Ericka out cold in the end, leaving her flat out for the pin and victory pose. Overall, this one is simple, but it really well done. The sexy outfits, good selling, creative way to change control, great camera work and a nice slow final KO, with a long look at the sleeping beauty, left me really happy with this one.

Overall Score: 9/10