Review of Beat up in the Shower

Review of Beat up in the Shower – 6 mins

Super quick one for you guys here. Kayla’s having a shower when her boyfriend runs in a punches her lights out. He than presses her limp, naked body against the glass as he’s grouping her. Eventually, he lets her slide down the glass to the floor. He grabs a hand full of soap and begins soaping up her body. He than sprays the soap off and sprays her in the face, this wakes her up, but another punch puts her right back out again and that brings this video to an end.

This is a really cool vid, although I’m torn on the length. It’s really short, but in the same thought, not much more could happen. I love that she’s 100% nude and wet. I love seeing her body pressed against the glass and all the limp play. I want it longer, but I’m afraid if it was longer it would gotten drawn out. Kayla is perfect, I love her shocked look when her boyfriend breaks in and as always she makes the best, naked, limp toy. This one is quick and to the point. It hits all the high spots and keeps moving. Overall, this vid does everything right, except, maybe, the length, that’s debatable.

Overall Score: 8.5/10