Review of Sleeperkid’s worldBEAT ON THE BAT – 30 mins

TWO AMAZING SUPERHEROINE CUSTOM CLIPS IN ONE RELEASE!!!! Both segments feature the lovely Anne-Marie as “Bat-Anne”…each time facing an evil Cat-Woman (played separately by Saya Savage and Sumiko) and each time the beautiful Bat gets utterly destroyed and humiliated, turned into her opponent’s pitiful slave in the end only to suffer a final devastating KO!

Both of these videos follow the same idea, but they are not exactly the same. They both have Bat-Anne getting totally dominated by a cat-like evil doer and they both have a low blow or two, which in not too common from SKW. Both vids have plenty of KOs with more of a street fighting style of moves and not really too much wrestling. Of course this means lots of super amazing selling from Anne-Marie, who looks great in her Batgirl costume, her mask makes it a little hard to see her eyes sometimes, but SK does a pretty good job of getting in her face and letting us she her eyes crossing. Both Saya and Sumiko are merciless, and really put Anne through a solid beating. I tried picking a favorite of the two, but they’re both great, thanks to Anne’s awesome selling as well as Sumiko and Saya being kick ass heels. Both vids have their highlights, but in the end, I love them both and hope you guys do too.

Overall Score: 9/10