Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBAUNFIRE vs FOXY ROULETTE – 15 Mins

foxyFoxy Roulette plays a burglar who manages to pull off a massive heist job, only to get attacked by a mysterious woman…hired by the same people that contracted Foxy to do the job!  Looks like her employers don’t want any loose ends…and Baunfire expertly plays the lethal badass sent to take “care” of the situation.

Squashes don’t get easier than this. Foxy is attacked from behind and never comes anywhere close to putting up a fight. Baunfire used her size, strength and surprise attack to her advantage, easily knocking out Foxy again and again. We get some really good eyerolling and crossing from Foxy and I love her outfit, perfect for this jobber role. A pair of piledrivers get us some twitching, then Baunfire heads off with the package. As far as squashes go, this one is really good, an awesome, powerful heel, a super cute, easy to beat jobber and this one even has a nice setup and reason for the ruthless domination.

Overall Score: 8.5/10