Review of Battle Over Bikinis

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBattle Over Bikinis – 20 mins

Becca and Alex have a scheduled wrestling match, but realize that they’ve both chosen the same outfits! A hair pulling catfight breaks out, but Rick was able to separate them and set the rules to the match. They must wrestle for 15 minutes with the winner being the girl with the most knockouts followed by 10 count pins. They agree to the rules and Alex attacks quickly, slamming Becca’s head into the ring apron for the first knockout and then rolls her over for the 10 count pin. The score is 1-0 in favor of Alex. As Alex is dragging Becca into the ring, she gets a hard kick to the head, followed by a knee smash! Alex’s eyes roll and down she goes, evening the score for Becca at 1-1. Becca continues her onslaught with a dragon sleeper, a one legged scissors in the corner and one on the mat, and some sexy pins to gain a 4-1 advantage. But our cute co-ed lets her guard down and Alex is suddenly gaining points with a sleeper on the ropes, a belly punching knockout, a strait jacket strangle, and her own sexy pins to even the score! A double reverse head scissors knocks both girls out so Rick wakes them up and put them in their corners to recover for a final round. The girls exchange a few holds but Alex manages to overpower Becca with a snap mare, crossface hold, and a final sleeper hold. After she pins Becca, Alex takes her victory pose, covers Becca with a sheet and reaches under it to remove the matching bikini as her prize!!

This is probably one of my favorite new reasons for the girls starting a fight, I love that they get so upset because they’re both wearing the same exact thing and It’s a really nice look too, so I can’t blame them for being upset. Once Rick settles them down and lays down the law, we’re in for a great show. Becca gets to show of her muscles for a while, putting Alex in some really nice hold that cause some really great KOs and even better pins. Than a simple mistake puts Alex in control and Becca takes over the jobber role. This is absolutely my preferred half of the video, solely because I am extra crazy for Becca being the jobber, even more than ever after the Q&A, because Alex was an awesome jobber with solid reactions, but Becca of course brings us some top notch selling. This ending though, almost steals the show, bringing us an outstanding image to be imagined, as Becca is KO’d and stripped of her bikini and left out cold in the ring. I love every bit of this ending, because not only does it make sense the Alex would take Becca’s bikini, because that was the whole point of the fight. But also way a great tease that is. Overall, this vid was a ton fun to watch, I literally love ever bit of this and I really got to tip my hat to whoever came up with this ending.

Overall Score: 9.5/10