Review of Battle of the Thighs

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBattle of the Thighs – 16 mins

MadisonThis wrestling match had no script or storyline, just a straight up battle of equally sized beauties. Madison and the visiting Tilly McReese, sporting tiny bikinis, go toe to toe, or should we say thigh to thigh! The leg strength is equally matched as the battle wages back and forth, neither girl being able sustain control for very long. Lots of scissor variations and some leg torture in this one, even a double head scissors, as both girls often come dangerously close to passing out, using their last bit of energy to break free and turn the tide in their favor. Finally a tight reverse figure four head scissors seals the deal for Madison as Tilly slips into unconsciousness. This is a tough and equal fight, with a hard fought victory

As the descriptions says there’s no story to this one and it is a very back and forth, evenly matched battle. These beautiful, muscular woman are great to watch as the exchange holds, trying to best each other. Madison is quickly become another one of my favorites at FWR and I really enjoyed watching her on both sides of this battle. I actually have no idea who Tilly is, but she definitely did a great job here vs Madison. This match take all out the bells and whistles they we’re used to and just gives us nothing but some solid wrestling action, it’s nice to see that sometimes.

Overall Score: 8.5/10