Review of Battle of the Divas

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Battle of the Divas – 21.5 Mins

LeAnnHaving lost to Antoinette in the past, LeAnn makes another bold challenge to the muscular Latina beauty. A confident Antoinette accepts and says that if LeAnn can get one 20 count pin on her she wins while Antoinette would need six 10 count pins on LeAnn to win. LeAnn thinks it will be easy to get one pin on Antoinette but she was obviously wrong! Antoinette goes to town on her right away by throwing her in the ring and giving her a hard body slam! Then she throws her in the ropes for a knee to the belly, slaps a camel clutch on her, works her over in the corner, then delivers several leg drops on her for the first pin. Antoinette then gives LeAnn a quick tombstone pile driver to secure the second pin. Antoinette works over poor Leann for another pin but LeAnn manages to come back with some low blows, foot chokes, and head scissors to attempt to get her 20 count pin. But tough Antoinette keeps managing to kick out and LeAnn finds herself receiving more painful holds and creative pins, finally giving the match up to the much more experienced and powerful Antoinette!

Here is a way to change up the Queen of the ring series. LeAnn only has to get one 20 count pin to win, before Antoinette can get 6 ten count pins. Antoinette controls most of the match, as she does, racking up plenty of sexy pins along the way. LeAnn of course gets some offense in, but just can’t ever get that 20 count pin before Antoinette takes back over. It’s just the little twists I was looking of in this kind of videos, nothing to drastic, but just right. LeAnn gets weaker and weaker as the pinfalls add up, getting KO’s a few times and staying out cold in the end. The girls look great, of course. Two beautiful girls in bikini’s, you can never go wrong with that. LeAnn gets a little better every time I see her and I just love Antoinette in the dominate role, although it’s always good to see her struggle a bit. Overall, tons of sexy pins and the slow wear down of LeAnn, makes this very easy to enjoy and a nice little addition to the normal Queen of the ring type matches.

Overall Score: 9/10