Review of Sleeperkid’s World BAMBI’S STRENGTH: SESSION # 2 – 37 Mins

BambiAnother Bambi fan. Another paid session. ANOTHER AMAZING CLIP! This time it’s the beautiful Sahrye who’s commissioned a session with the powerful Bambi.  Sahrye’s a huge fan of the weightlifting wrestler and asks for a partial domination session featuring Bambi’s legs and feet only.  Bambi smiles and agrees after the two slowly disrobe, revealing a pair of lovely bikinis… but Sahrye adds a bonus request: to dominate Bambi herself later on in the session!  Bambi seems intrigued by the idea and agrees, but she dominates the willing Sahrye first, trapping her in various locks and moves that repeatedly knock the beautiful Latina OUT! Bambi allows Sahrye to dominate her for a few KOs and then Bambi decides to take control on a willing Sahrye, who requests a quick KO and some “nap time” with Bambi.  The brunette agrees, smiling as she finishes Sahrye off with a single expert kick to the jaw!   Not one to break a promise, Bambi cuddles on the ground, placing both her feet across the sleeping Latina’s face as they both take a well-deserved siesta!

The second installment of the unique series, this time we get the wonderful Sahrye and also Bambi willing submits herself to a few KOs. I’m really happy about that, I really love Bambi’s physic, so it was great to see her in the receiving end of a few KOs. However Sahrye is the star of this show and she was excellent. Sahrye is no pushover either in the physic category, having a great body of her own. She played her role so well, not only with selling the KOs, but also expressing her love for Bambi, I think she actually made Bambi blush there for a second, it was very convincing. I really like the moves used, a few of the more unusual hold and they all look great.  I really like the willingness to be knocked out and the whole sensual aspect of video. There’s plenty of KOs, really great KO positions, a little overselling/over the top reactions and nice dialog. I wouldn’t call it trash talking because Bambi is being really nice to Sahrye and Sahrye is so affectionate towards Bambi. This new series has two good entries already and I’m interested in the next. It might not be able to always be Bambi, but the private session idea is definitely something I could see going on for a while.

Overall score: 9.5/10