Review of Sleeperkid’s World BAMBI’S STRENGTH: SESSION # 1 – 28 Mins

ElaWe fade in on the lovely ELA DARLING (making her SKWPPV debut) as she enters Bambi Button’s private studio.  She’s the first female to ever hire Bambi for a private wrestling session, and she’s a HUGE fan of the tiny and powerful fighter.  Amused, Bambi asks her why she’s so into her and Ela immediately points to Bambi’s feet, legs, and thighs.  She asks to be dominated with JUST those parts of Bambi’s amazing physique and Bambi happily agrees.  What follows is a mixture of COMPLETE wrestling domination… some of it done to a slightly willing victim, with some a few touches of muscle worship as offered by Bambi before a final crushing KO leaves a happy Ela dreaming of more on the mats!

This is a nice new series and a nice way to welcome Ela Darling to SKW. Ela really sells the muscle worship and the willingness to be dominated perfectly, from gushing all over Bambi in the beginning to her joyful smile after being woken back up and just taking every chance to rub on Bambi’s legs. Ela also sells the KOs perfectly, I love her eyes, her reactions and love the willingness to be KO’d over and over again. Bambi also helps make this very enjoyable, as she really looks like she having a great time with lots of big smiles, laughing and some nice sweet trash talk. The moves used are pretty unique and definitely very sexy. They all end up knocking out Ela and there’s plenty of them. The final “victory pose” is also unique as Bambi takes a nap with her feet on the KO’d Ela’s face. It’s an interesting vid, great for feet fans, domination fan and KO fans, a combination you don’t see every day.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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