Review of Backbreaker Supreme

Review of Backbreaker Supreme

Bringing you guys a really easy one from Kayla Obey. I think this is a simple as simple can be. Kayla is put in 3 different backbreaking holds and we get to watch her struggle, that’s it! 1st up is an over the knee backbreaker. She pretty weak and tries to break free, but never comes close. Same for the next two holds, a over the shoulder backbreaker and and a camel clutch. She doesn’t ever seem to pass out, but she’s close most the time.

For what this vid is going for, it works really well. This one is all about domination and if Kayla was struggling really hard, I wouldn’t have it enjoyed it as much. It’s good because Kayla is completely at his mercy. But there is something that would have made this vid much better and that is being able to see Kayla’s face. I think because it’s just the two of them that make these vids, they chose to set the camera up where we can see all of Kayla’s body, but we can’t get a good look at her face. Except for the over the shoulder one, where he has her by the hair and when he turns you can see her pain stricken face. So, two thing i would like to see if this video was ever to be remade, more camera angles, so we can see Kayla’s face and second, have Kayla pass out from the pain, than let her go, so we can see her out cold. Overall, I do like this clip because of how weak and helpless Kayla was. I like her little moans and struggling.

Overall Score: 8/10


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