Review of BABYFACE RAGDOLL – 30 mins

An oldie but a goodie here, where my absolute favorite series of SKW stared. Any of you who have ever seen me review any video from this series have a good idea where this is going.

We fade in on Sapphire pacing, waiting on Sumiko to show up for a match. Natasha walks in hoping to spectate the match. She tells Sapphire that she’s here to root for Sumiko. At that moment, SK gets a text from Sumiko, saying she can’t make it. Sapphire challenges Natasha to a match since they’re both there. Natasha doesn’t want anything to do with Sapphire and tries to head out, but Sapphire grabs a hold of her and starts Natasha’s worst beating ever. After a few KOs, Natasha no longer reacts to Sapphire’s moves no mater how hard Sapphire tries to wake her. Sapphire takes a break after a while and Natasha wakes up, but before she can get away, Sapphire comes back. Natasha is quickly render unconscious again and Sapphire continues her workout on her, limp, practice dummy. She finally finishers Natasha with her trademark Sapphire Bomb and a brutal Widow’s Peak, each one performed TWICE before the final pin.

When I 1st saw this video upon its release, it was the greatest thing I ever saw and i just couldn’t image anything better. It completely changes what I wanted to see in videos. Now, years later, I am probably one of the biggest ragdoll fans around. Natasha’s amazing performance of a lifeless ragdoll, raised the bar for all future jobbers. Now, the bar has been raised again by talents like Sumiko. Even though there are better ragdolls out now, where there’s a little more reactions, because when Natasha was out, she was flat and I like a little life in my ragdolls, Natasha still makes a great ragdoll. I still go back and watch this one and I still love it. If you have never seen this before, you have to. This is video started it all for me and is my favorite Natasha video with out question. Although, Natasha has left us, we still have Sapphire, who still plays our entertaining, merciless heel in the majority of our ragdoll videos. So, to me this is like owning a piece of history, I think I couldn’t sum it up better than that.

Overall Score: 10/10