Review of Sleeperkid’s World BABYFACE RAGDOLL 8 – 25 mins

We fade in on Rockin’ Rock-C and Sumiko, both ready for a standard pro battle that quickly turns into a one-sided KO-fest! Rock-C locks in a sleeper KO, followed by belly blows, a KO wall splash, a reverse bearhug, THREE KO suplexes, a brutal X-Factor, and a boston crab that barely elicits a reaction from the semi-conscious Sumiko! An annoyed Rock-C applies a camel clutch on Sumiko, ragdolling her as the jobber’s eyes roll into the back of her head. A leglock barely does anything, as we watch Sumiko groan ever so softly. Enjoying this, Rock-C goes for THREE brutal DDTs that puts Sumiko’s lights out. Rock C adds leg drops and elbow drops that stun Sumiko into lightly conscious state. Several splashes continue to flatten Sumiko as Rock-C talks a ton of trash. A sudden reversal backdrop KOs Sumiko yet again and she becomes putty in Rock-C’s hands. Rock-C lands a stunner KO, followed by a tight sleeper that turns Sumiko into an eyerolling mess. Sumiko is COMPLETELY out at this point leaving SK no choice but to force Rock-C to go for a pin. She has an idea, however, before she leaves and decides to call her buddy Tiffany Roxx in to take care of the post-KO Sumiko. We fade in to a few hours later, as Tiffany comes in and finds Sumiko slowly coming to and trying to make her way to her feet.  She attacks with a sleeper hold that sends Sumiko back to Dreamland, following up with belly blows, a wall splash KO, and a figure four leglock.  Throughout all these, Sumiko is a barely conscious ragdoll, barely reacting to the pain as her brain continues to exist in a clouded state. Tiffany follows her tag team partner’s lead, nailing THREE suplex KOs, leg drops, elbow drops, multiple DDT KOs, a one-armed chinlock, splashes, an X-Factor, a reverse bearhug, and a brutal Russian Leg Sweep to the semi-conscious and totally limp Sumiko. Having had her fun, Tifany ends it all with a brutal fisherman’s neckbreaker and a final LUNG BLOWER that knock Sumiko back into merciful unconsciousness. A final pin and over the shoulder carry seals the deal for a completely devastated Sumiko as we (and she) fades to black.

You guys know me, and you know I live for the ragdoll stuff. So you can predict how I’m going to feel and probably score this epic ragdoll vid with Sumiko, Rock-C and Tiffany Roxx. This clip is a semi-conscious ragdoll, Sumiko is totally limp for most of the video, but kind of came to when she was picked her up and put her on her feet. Still totally out of it, but managed to stand on her own. This one starts out with Rock-C quickly takes out Sumiko with a really great, long sleeper with great eyerolling and from then on she ragdolls Sumiko all over the place with lots more eyerolling, till SK makes her stop, but on her way out Rock-C calls Tiffany Roxx and lets her know that she’s leaving Sumiko laid out for her. When Sumiko finally comes to Tiffany’s already lying in wait. Tiffany easily puts the groggy Sumiko right back in to lala land. Then Tiffany has her fill of ragdolling Sumiko. Again, it’s extremely hard for anyone to sell better then Sumiko, she delivers another top notch performace, with so much eyerolling and really letting herself be ragdolled, but unfortunately, this was before the tongue protrusion thing really took off, so there isn’t much, if any of that. Of course Tiffany and Rock-C come through with great power, aggression and trash talk the whole way through. Overall, I really like this semi-conscious ragdolling, it really puts a nice twist on the normal ragdolling ways. I also love that we get a brutal two for one with two really awesome pro heels. Another perfect ragdoll for the books.

Overkill score: 10/10