Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 7 – 32 mins

We fade in on SK telling Sapphire about an upcoming match, one which Sapphire assumes will be a challenging one. She names some tough opponents, hoping one of them will be taking her on. Instead she sees Jinx make her way behind her and laughs, calling the girl a worthless jobber. An angered Jinx attempts a retort, but Sapphire cuts her off with a brutal boot the belly, followed by a sudden DDT KO. Sapphire decides to playfully accept this “challenge” and proceeds to completely obliterate the overwhelmed Jinx with a long series of power moves, KOs, and ragdoll humiliations. Unlike some of the other entries in this series, Jinx does her very best to stay conscious, so the true ragdolling doesn’t start until a bit later in the match, but that doesn’t mean Jinx pulls back from delivering one of the best dazed/ragdoll performaces SKW has EVER witnessed. Sapphire is finally conviced to end Jinx’s suffering when her Sapphire Bomb makes Jinx twitch and drool. Sapphire takes her pin and victory pose, before carrying Jinx away.

Another amazing ragdoll vid from SKW, this time the lovely Jinx is the star of this one. You guys know I love ragdolls and this one is one of the best. The description says that Jinx didn’t really get ragdolled until later in the match, but that’s not all that true. It only takes a KO or two before Jinx is done for. Jinx gives us lots of twitching, some tongue protrusion and drooling and eyerolling at the end. The only thing I would like to change, is the amount of eyerolling. Jinx is amazing at eyerolling, but we don’t get to see too much of it in this one for some reason. There a couple of eye checks to help make up for that, each and every one of them show off the amazing full white eyes of Jinx. The amount of power moves Sapphire uses is crazy and almost every one of them are performed on a fully limp Jinx. This limp piledriver is my fav, as jinx’s arms hang free before she is smashed head first into the mats. Sapphire comes through for us, being the funny, powerful and cruel heel. I love the humiliation, stripping her down, writing on her belly, and just ragdolling her all over, it amazing. Overall, this is my favorite clip of the update, even with an outstanding exhaustion vid, I just can’t ever get enough ragdolling in my life. This is another one I would strongly suggest you guys not pass on, especially for all you squash fans out there.

Overall Score: 10/10