Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 6 – 21 mins

We fade in on Sapphire and Katja mid conversation. Sapphire is bragging about all the people she’s beaten and how easy they were. All is well and good till Sapphire starts talking about how much of a jobber Helena was when she was here. It did take too long for Katja to get pissed. Katja attacks Sapphire, aiming to defend her sister’s honor. It doesn’t take long for Sapphire to over power Katja and take control of the fight. Once in control Sapphire plants Katja with power move after power move, than a sleeper that has Katja out cold and drooling. The beating isn’t over, even when Katja stops waking up. Sapphire just continues her patented ragdoll beat down, which finally come to an end after more drooling and Sapphire leaves her mark in Katja’s head and belly.

You guys not I’m crazy for ragdoll matches and Katja does an awesome job selling. Sapphire puts her though so many power moves it almost mind boggling. I also love that this didn’t go instantly to ragdolling. As much as that is a really good way of doing it. I was happy the some regular destruction before the ragdoll action began. Katja might not be my favorite “type” of jobber, but she definitely sells her butt off in this one. Overall, This might not be my favorite ragdoll of all time, but is definitely still a great one and totally worth checking out.

Overall score: 9.5/10