Review of Sleeperkid’s World BABYFACE RAGDOLL 13 – 22 Mins

SumikoA BRUTAL RAGDOLL SQUASH!  FEATURING SUMIKO vs FANTASIA and LADY VICTORIA! We fade in on Sumiko stretching on the mats as she brags to the camera, confident in her ability to outmaneuver Lady V and Fantasia in her upcoming handicap match.  SK approves and offers her some water, which she happily consumes as SK explains that both Victoria and Fantasia bribed him to add some a heavy sedative to her water bottle.  “Sleeperkid…” Sumiko moans, her eyes rolling back.  “How could…you?”  Sumiko collapses, completely out cold on the mats.  He checks her limbs, mentioning that both Victoria and Fantasia wanted a little ragdoll to train with. Moments later the two powerful wrestlers enter, sparking off one HELL of a ragdoll domination session!  Sumiko can only react with her body’s built-in reflexes as both Victoria and Fantasia go to town on her limp and KO’ed body.  Time and time again, the brutal twosome try to wake Sumiko up, but the most they can muster are some light groans and eyerolls… which doesn’t stop them from having the fun they were promised by the Kid!! Sumiko lays there, completely destroyed… when her tag partner ANNE-MARIE runs in to save her.  She tries in vain to awaken her sleeping partner as Victoria and Fantasia watch, amused.  They decide to add her to the pile, grabbing the tiny blonde and wearing her down with some belly blows… only to lay her out next to Sumiko with a vicious PILEDRIVER KO! Satisfied, the two towers of terror pose over the defeated jobbers as our cameras fade to black!

Sumiko… Ragdoll… do really need say anything more? Actually, I do. First, I love that this was a drug induced ragdoll, I think that’s a great story element that could definitely be revised and revisited. I love that it start out with Sumiko having a little life left in her, where she fights against the pain, but the monstrous heels want Sumiko all the way and the force her to drink some more, which not only causes a great eyerolling reaction from Sumiko, but also all her life is gone now and she can only moan and roll her eyes in reaction to be beating she’s put through. Speaking of that beating, it’s another great thing about this one, with two powerful heels, they have a great time tossing and splashing and using tag team moves to destroy the out cold Sumiko. Of course Sumiko’s selling is fantastic, tons of great eyerolling, her tongue is hanging out after most of the moves, but there’s no drooling or twitching. I also love the shiny red suit, I would have liked to see that zipper down the whole time though. Finally, this one ends with a great cherry on top, as Anne Marie runs in to find out SK has allowed this to happen to her friend and is so upset she pays no mind to Lady V and Fantasia. The pros laugh for a second, but then quickly take out Anne with a huge tombstone piledriver. I would have been amazing if there was a part 2 to this or if the vid went on for 20 more mins with both Sumiko and Anne ragdolls. Anyway, like a said this is a Sumiko ragdoll, you don’t need me to tell you it’s definitely worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9.9/10