Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 12 – 28 Mins

LunaWe fade in on the lovely Luna lamenting her recent loss to 6’9 Tiny with Sparrow as her tag partner.  She accuses the monster of cheating and demands a rematch… all while he somehow manages to sneak up behind her.  He traps her in a powerful reverse bearhug that slowly puts her out, ragdolling her limp form until he tires of her unconsciousness.  He wakes her up and delivers his TINY SPECIAL right off the bat!  He picks Luna up in an extended Gorilla Press and proceeds to drop her into THREE back to back TOMBSTONE piledrivers!  Luna is completely and totally OUT COLD at this point, but Tiny is far from done.  He wipes the mats and the walls with the completely limp Luna, whose body can only react reflexively to the devastation he delivers.  She grunts, occasionally groans, and convulses… all while completely unconscious. After a massive barrage of attacks, Tiny finishes her with yet ANOTHER TINY SPECIAL… only to carry her away as the screen fades to black.

This is what I’ve wanted to see since the first time I saw Tiny and I’m really happy that one of the first girls to face Tiny gets her rematch. Luna is a perfect ragdoll, with Tiny being the monster he is, she is totally limp the whole time, not even helping at all as she dragged back to her feet for the next move or carry. Luna also twitches uncontrollably, just about all the time. Whether laying on the ground or being bent in a brutal submission, Luna is twitching and rolling her eyes. All the big moves that we normally see while Tiny is destroying are still here but Luna is totally limp and ragdolled, through chokeslams, piledrivers and even for the entire Tiny Special, except she does end up standing after a Fireman’s Stunner, but she’s totally still out and Tiny couldn’t believe she was somehow on her feet but still out cold. Even the final pin is noteworthy, as Luna is twitching, drooling and rolling her eyes as Tiny casually counts to ten. Tiny’s massive size and strength aren’t the only things he brings to this one, since Luna and Tiny last met, he’s be hanging out with the Machine and it shows, he talks plenty of trash throughout this destruction, ending it with “you should have ate your vegetables, kid” as he carries the completely limp and KO’d Luna away. This is the kind of ridiculous, over the top videos I live for and I couldn’t be happier with this. This has taken the title for my favorite ragdoll video and my favorite Tiny video. It’s going to be really hard to top this one, although Tiny did mention that Sparrow could be next and I couldn’t hope and pray hard enough that that happens.

Overall score: 10/10