Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 11 – 30 Mins

SparrowAnother babyface (Sparrow Summers) gets destroyed by everyone’s favorite heel: the powerful Sapphire! Sparrow faces off against Sapphire, delivering some smack talk before their match. Sapphire’s response is simple: a sudden blow to the face from her championship belt! Sapphire proceeds to completely destroy little Sparrow, rendering her unconscious again and again…until the tiny jobber is so out of it she can barely react to the punishment being delivered!

It’s ragdoll time again! And this time, it’s starring one of my favorite jobber girls. I love Sparrow, not only is she a great jobber, but she also talks some really great trash. Not only at the beginning, but after a little bit of ragdolling, Sparrow gets up saying, “is that all? I can take way more than that!” and she get more, a lot more. We get some really great ragdolling, as Sapphire can easily pick up Sparrow and swing her around. Of course Sparrow is out cold most of the time, but she is probably the most resilient ragdoll we’ve seen yet, waking up a number of times, only to be easily KO’s again. Sparrow sells this so well, lots of really great eye crossing, some twitching, she drools once, she’s super limp while she’s out, and she reacts just right while she’s being ragdolled. This vid is jam packed with moves and the sheer number of big finishers at the end is outstanding. Sparrow stays out through all those huge moves too, perfectly nailing my favorite part of these ragdoll vids. I don’t think I can call this the best ragdoll ever, but it when talking about the best ragdoll vid, this one is definitely in the conversation.

Overall Score: 10/10