Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBABYFACE RAGDOLL 10 – 38 Mins

We thought BECCA getting destroyed at the hands of Sapphire was as brutal as it got, but after witnessing what the evil MACHINE did to poor Luna, well…we’re not sure which battle tops the other? Regardless, this one starts off as per usual, with the lovely Luna delivering a pre-interview before her match with Sleeperkid.  She starts talking trash about the Kid’s skills, all while Sleeperkid watches in the background.  Angered, the Kid leaves…but moments later a guy dressed just like the Kid but wearing a mask enters.  Holy crap.  It’s THE MACHINE!!!   God only knows how he managed to steal SK’s clothes that fast, but it doesn’t matter…he approaches Luna who turns around and is immediately creeped out by the heel’s advances.  He presses his finger to her lips.  He strokes her hair.  She freaks out and tries to leave but he yanks her back by her hair, pulling her into an INSTANT stunner KO!   He stomps her awake as our camera girl (Jacquelyn Velvets) watches (and records) in horror.  He nails Luna with body slams, a suplex, 2 DDT KOs, some serious hair-pulling, and a brutal and extended FULL NELSON that not only KO’s Luna…it also keeps her barely conscious for the remainder of the fight!!!   Her reactions are barely there as The Machine proceeds to clamp on move after move, ragdolling the tiny girl like crazy in between finishers, destroying her through THREE segments that start off with her barely awake, only to get sent to La La Land again by the devious MACHINE!

Another ragdoll vid is upon us already and this time with the incredible Luna as our ragdoll victim. It does take a little longer to get the “meat and potatoes” of this one, but Luna’s selling is outrageous from the get go. We were a little spoiled by the Becca ragdoll that kicked off the ragdoll action almost immediately. This time The Machine wears down Luna a bit before the ragdolling really get going. But when it does get going, Luna flexibility and amazing selling really shines through. We get lots of twitching and eyerolling as she twitches from just about every hold she’s put in. We get drooling and tongue protrusion from several different strangles throughout the match and again Luna is out of this world. As usual, the last segment is where all the power moves and really over the top selling is, but for some reason, the ragdolling stops here. I don’t know why, but suddenly Luna is able to woken up again and again to be set up for the next power move, as she kicks and screams in terror. Not that this is a deal breaker, but this is normally the very best part of these ragdoll videos and the Icing on the cake for me. No ragdolling in the segment is not only mind boggling as the finale for a ragdoll vid, but quite heartbreaking as well. Luna’s selling is still extraordinary and extremely over the top, especially the last skull crushing vice squeeze, that makes Luna twitch and drool even more. Even after the final pin and the final carry, Luna continues to twitch, which is awesome. So, is the Luna ragdoll better than Becca’s? Almost. Luna’s selling is just as good, maybe even better at times, and her flexibility really makes the ragdolling really outstanding, but it comes down to Becca’s limp power moves segment, which is the best I’ve ever seen thus far and the fact that there’s no ragdolling in Luna’s, is quite frankly, disappointing. However, Luna’s ragdoll is still an easy must own and easily the best vid of the update. This is still a really great ragdoll, with some crazy, over the top action that you guys just can’t miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10