Review of Avery’s Punishment

Review of Avery’s Punishment

We see Avery in a ringside locker room, when Sumiko walks in on the phone. She placing her purse on the edge of the ring as she walks into the locker room to finish her phone conversion, passing by Avery. Avery makes sure that Sumiko isn’t looking than heads for her Sumiko’s purse, taking some cash out. Just before Avery makes a clean get away Sumiko notices, quickly ends her phone call and attacks Avery from behind, tossing her in the ring as well. Sumiko yells at Avery for sealing from her, but Avery is actually mad at Sumiko for attacking her. Avery also clutches the money she stole keeping it from Sumiko. It doesn’t take to long for Sumiko to “convince” Avery to let go of the money, but, Avery is still mad at Sumiko, calling her crazy and she isn’t apologetic at all, yet. Sumiko continues this one sided beating till Avery is VERY apologetic and begging Sumiko for mercy. It takes quite some time before Sumiko is satisfied with her destruction of Avery. After Avery has had enough beating, Sumiko decides to tie Avery to the corner of the ring and write “thief” across her forehead. Than stuffs the would be stolen money in Avery’s mouth and chokes her out. Sumiko than gathers her things fully satisfied, except for one thing, she take the money back from Avery’s mouth before heading out.

This is a 40 min video and I tend to worry about that because, there are a lot of places that struggle to fill 40 mins with good content. By the time this one came to an end, I couldn’t believe 40 mins had passed. I really had a great time watching this, even kind of wanted more when it was over. I love Avery getting destroyed, she performs great. Sumiko uses a great amount a moves, nothing seems too drown out or repetitive. There are a couple of KOs pretty evenly distributed throughout the vid. I could’ve used a few more KOs but there was just enough. And finally, this story idea, I think the best part of it was Avery actually trying to be mad at Sumiko and tying to insult her for catching her stealing her money. It’s pretty funny how hard she tried to say something that would offend Sumiko and make her let her go. Oh and the humiliation at the end was a great way to wrap the whole thing up. Overall great set up and execution of a fun pro style squash.

Overall Score: 9/10


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