Review of Avery’s Mistake

Review of Sumiko Dreams Avery’s Mistake – 31 Mins

averyThe ultra-cute Avery and sensational Sumiko are hanging out in the living room in sexy lingerie. Sumiko claims she is better than Avery in every way. “Your boyfriend doesn’t think so” sasses Avery. A furious fight breaks out and Avery surprises the Japanese goddess with hard slaps, deep punches and knees to her toned tummy. Sumiko can’t catch her breath and Avery pounces. Her mean-streak and astonishing strength are evident as she easy pile drives Sumiko into the hard mat. Sumiko is in a world of trouble. Her legs are with an excruciating figure 4 leg lock, while Avery abuses her petite feet and toes with wringing twists and painful biting. Another spine tingling pile driver has Sumiko out again. She wakes her for a flurry of violence that has her eyes fluttering as she valiantly fights to stay awake. A tight sleeper has her franticly flailing and gasping until she can no longer fight the inevitable. The proud Sumiko digs deep and somehow battles back to get the upper hand. Now its Avery’s turn! A fierce foot choke puts the cheating girl out. The woman scorned unleashes all her fury on the now powerless Avery. Torturous holds and air depraving maneuvers have Avery screaming, pleading, gasping and crying while going in and out of consciousness. A crushing pile driver sends the young beauty out once again but Sumiko still isn’t finished! A split pin cover mercifully ends the deluge.

A nice long Sumiko video here, and whether you’re a fan of Sumiko or Avery or both, you’re given plenty of time to watch them winning and losing. The first thing I noticed about this one is, these girls go right for the throat when it comes to the trash talking. Neither one pulls any punches, hurling the toughest insults they can muster. Both girls look outstanding with their very fit bodies and sexy lingerie. Their selling is also noteworthy, as the kicks, punches and wrestling holds come as strong and the insults, with plenty of KOs along the way. Each KO, besides for the piledrivers, has both girls rolling there eye very nicely. No drooling, or twitching in this one unfortunately. If you didn’t know better you would think these girls really hated each other and were really battling it out. That kind of chemistry really makes this very excited to watch. In the end its Sumiko once again reigns supreme over the tiny Avery and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Overall score: 9.5/10