Review of Avery’s Challenge

Review of Sumiko DreamsAvery’s Challenge – 37 mins

Avery has asked for some camera time, she wants to let the fans know that Sumiko is not the best wrestler around and even though Sumiko has beaten her in the past, but she’s been training and she had enough of listening to Sumiko brag about how good she is and plans to do something about it. Avery is confident that she can beat her now. Sumiko enters behind Avery and with a quick, tight sleeper, puts Avery out quick. Sumiko decides that she’s going to teach Avery a lesson and make Avery her training dummy for the day. After checking Avery’s body to make sure she’s out cold, Sumiko leaves to wait for her to wake. Sumiko comes back after some time and Avery is still out cold. She checks the sleepy beauties eyes, then wakes her up with a Boston Crab. What follows is a long, torturous, one-sided beatdown, where Avery is stripped down to her bra and panties, then beaten down and repeatedly knocked out. Despite her cries for mercy, Sumiko runs Avery thought the ringer with lots of moves, a dragon sleeper, choked out with her own belt, belly splashes, belly kicks and punches, piledrivers and much much more. Sumiko brings Avery’s lesson in pain to an end with a long sleeper. She then shows Avery’s sleeping face off to the camera before taking her victory pose. Avery won’t be talking crap about Sumiko again any time soon.

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite Avery beatdown videos ever. Avery sells so great in this, not only with a great emphasis on eyerolling, begging and crying in pain, but also she drools from one of the Kos, she gets ragdolled, staying out during one of Sumiko’s submission holds and lot and lots of limp play. This vid has everything you could ever want in a squash match, starting with a nice KO and strip down. Then lots of prostyle moves, lots of submission holds and lots of KOs. The whole time Sumiko’s narrating the beating, talking about how easy Avery was and how much better she is. Sumiko takes plenty of time to play with Avery while she out, checking her eyes, playing with her face and making her talk, or anything else she can think of to humiliate her. Overall, this is an awesome one sided beatdown vid that Avery sells amazingly. Sumiko also knocks this one out, reminding us that she can also be a badass, merciless heel too.

Overall Score: 9.9/10