Review of Autumn vs Roxie – Silly Boxing

Review of Hit The Mat Autumn vs Roxie – Silly Boxing – 17 Mins

sillyThis custom boxing clip starts off with a bang, Autumn talking trash and Roxie coming in with a sucker punching dazing her right off the bat. Autumn is knocked silly, her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolling. This sets the pace for the fantasy boxing brawl, both girls trading big punches with a large emphasis on their reactions. Both girls get knocked silly, but who gets knocked out? Spoilers – Double KO

Finally getting around to this vid that a lot of you were quick to ask if I was going to review and I’m happy to say it’s pretty great. Autumn easily steals the show as she does a tremendous job really overselling and over reacting to everything. She has her tongue out and eyes rolling all over the place while she’s writhing around on the ground. She killed it. Roxie did about half as well, not really give as really great silly reactions, although we did moments of eyecrossing and a little tongue protrusion. She does over reaction to punches and gets knocked down a lot, so I’m not saying she did badly, it’s just Autumn did much much better. The vid overall is great, so many knockdowns that most of the time is spent watching the girls on the mats overselling and just barely beating the count, the count that sometimes waited for them to get back to their feet, which actually only makes this vid a little funnier. In the end, this was an excellent silly boxing vid, no birdies sound effects, but lots of great overselling, silly action.

Overall Score: 9/10