Review of AUSTYNN’S QUEST: finale

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAUSTYNN’S QUEST: finale – 23 Mins

AustynneAfter taking two devastating losses to Sumiko and Anne-Marie, an enraged Austynn Madison delivers a frustrated message to the SKW cameras, demanding a fair fight between either wrestlers… all while BOTH devious ladies sneak up and ATTACK!  Austynn doesn’t stand a chance to their initial attack, with Sumiko and Anne-Marie delivering some truly devastating moves and KOs. The girls go for their pin but Austynn somehow kicks out at 9!!!  Enraged, both Anne-Marie and Sumiko taunt the fallen Austynn… only to stomp her and set her up for a brutal double suplex: one designed to send Austynn slamming into the wall!  Austynn uses her strength to reverse it, however, leading to a brutal swing out DOUBLE DDT!  Anne-Marie and Sumiko are OUT COLD as the exhausted Austynn slowly makes her way to their bodies, delivering a flurry of elbow strikes to keep them down! Austynn slowly stands the girls up and picks Sumiko up in a piledriver position, walking her over to Anne-Marie, who grabs Sumiko in a confused and dazed state.  Before she can realize that she has Sumiko in a perfect piledriver position, Austynn kicks her knee out from behind, making her DROP like a stone!  Anne-Marie TOMBSTONES her partner, horrified as Austynn delivers a massive kick to the chest that lays her out cold!   Both ladies are unconscious… and Austynn goes for her final pins, and some well-deserved victory poses.

This is the final installment in this very cool series and it’s mostly a 2 on 1 squash as Anne and Sumiko completely dominate Austynn for almost the entire clip. I love all the moves the evil tag team perform, every move they do is done together and they really run Austynn through the ringer with most of the moves ending with a KO. I love all the outfits in this one, nice pro gear, boots and kneepad for everyone. Austynn sells great, she’s pretty worn down for most of the match and Anne and Sumiko just keep picking her up for more. In the end, after Austynn’s miracle kick out and suplex reversal, she does one of most creative finishers I’ve ever seen, as she forces Anne to piledrive Sumiko, the super kicks Anne before she can get up, giving Austynn the double KO and the win. Now, would have and Austynn beating both Anne and Sumiko up for most of the match, because that’s what I really want to see, but I think this way makes the most sense as Sumiko and Anne both stole wins from Austynn and she stole a win from both of them. It’s a nice cap to the series and an overall great showing for Austynn’s first time at SKW.

Overall Score: 9/10