Review of Athena’s Atonement – Season 3 / Side Mission 4

Review of Next Global Crisis Athena’s Atonement – Season 3 / Side Mission 4 – 11.5 Mins

NGC 2Athena is back and going solo to rescue Bluebird! She confronts a Darkheart Captain for information, but a vicious fight ensues, involving bearhugs, rib-breakers and a choke-lift. Luckily Athena can heal her injuries, but will help arrive before she’s KO’d?

It’s a good thing Athena can heel herself, because she’s not the best fighter for sure, which is great for me. She gets severely damaged easily and repeatedly, only to heal herself. The only way to stop her, is to knock her out before she can heal, which eventually happens. There no back up coming as Miss Freedom told her to stand down. It’s funny to me that they told Bluebird that no one ever tried to save her when all these heroines have been captured trying to do something to save Bluebird. I’m really excited to see how this series wraps up, I just need a few more side missions to catch up to where I am in the main season videos. For this video, plain and simple, superheroine destruction, done extremely well.

Overall score: 9/10