Review of ATEMI 8

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldATEMI 8 – 30 Mins

The much-beloved series continues, with Alisa Kiss and Sumiko playing rival agents taking turns as attacker and victim in this KO-filled custom clip. While a LOT of the knockouts come from a single punch to the belly, the ATEMI tradition, the girls also use other KO techniques to take each other down throughout this 30 minute release.

This is super simple vid to review, when you have a vid with Alisa and Sumiko, taking turns knocking out each other, in great costumes, what’s not to love? You already know that both Alisa and Sumiko sell great, look great and always give us a great show. These kinds of vids are packed with KOs, just like a sentry girls vid, but has a focus on belly attacks. My favorite scene is the back and forth part, where neither girl could get the other to stay out and they kept getting reversed when they try to finish the other, eventully ending in a double KO. This is a simple idea, well executed and overall fun to watch video, you won’t be disappointed picking this one up.

Overall Score: 8.5/10