Review of ATEMI 7

Review of ATEMI 7

Another entry into the very popular series, this time with Alisa and Saya. Most of you guys already know the tale, this one is all about sneak attacks that normally end with the “namesake finisher.” Which is a punch to the stomach that causes a pretty much instant knockout. Lots of other great sneak attacks included as well, from chloro to sword fights. A lot of the time the victim gets carried away and sometimes they are left out cold to sleep it off. Tons of victory poses too as almost every scene ends with a victory pose. No real winner here as Alisa and Saya go back and forth the whole time, Sometimes they both end out up cold, but Saya does get the last laugh.

This is basically a Sentry Girls vid, quick scenes that always end with someone out cold. Both girls performed excellently. I loved both outfits, Alisa as Cammy and Saya with that awesome shinny suit and those sparkly stockings. My favorite thing about this one is not only the sheer number of KOs but all the KO positions. Everyone’s favorite, butt in air pose, is there a number of times from both girls as well. As far as videos goes this is a good one and your not going to find more KOs per minute than this video right here.

Overall Score: 8/10


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  1. Awesome Video, Easily one of my personal favorites

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