Review of Assassin’s Payday

Review of All About EveAssassin’s Payday – 16 Mins

eve2Evangeline and Mandy (Jamie Daniels) are returning from a completed hit, when Mandy asks about the payment for the job. Eve tells her payouts are on Fridays for all jobs and Mandy does not take that well. Eve leaves to speak to the bosses and they tell her to get rid of Mandy. Eve renders her helpless and then starts to undress her. She strips her nude, but cannot keep the upper hand. Mandy gains control and renders Eve helpless and strips her giving her a taste of her own medicine. When Eve tries to escape Mandy handles it as only a professional can, with a gun.

Nothing makes a limp play video more entertaining than a little bit of background story. I really like this idea with the assassins turning against each other, not about getting paid, but when. Definitely a fun bit of story there. Another good thing about this one, we don’t get one nude beauty, but two full nude girls by time this one’s over and I am a huge fan of that. I’m also a huge fan of Jamie Daniels, when it comes to her sleepy roles and this is a great vid for any fan of hers. Both Jamie and Eve give us great eyerolling and nice struggling throughout the multiple KOs in this vid. We get good close ups of their rolling eyes, their bare feet and of course their naked bodies. And I love that Jamie gets her way in the end, proving to be the better spy and getting her money right away. Overall, it’s a simple limp play, strip down vid at its heart, but a little bit of an added story definitely add to the entertainment value.

Overall score: 8.5/10