Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldASIA PEREZ MEETS THE KID – 19 mins


We fade in on SK telling the camera that the lovely Asia Perez has possibly pulled a no show for their pro hotel battle, when we see the Asian badass approaching from behind him. She attacks, choking SK and nailing belly blows, along with a powerful neckscissors that almost puts the Kid out! Instead of rendering him unconscious, however, Asia lifts him up by the hair, giving the Kid just enough time to lash out with a massive belly blow. Asia drops like a stone as SK cinches on a tight sleeper hold, slowly putting the beautiful model OUT! SK regains his strength and proceeds to make an example out of Asia. After all, sneak attacking the Kid has NEVER been a GOOD idea!

We’ve seen this idea before, a new model shows up late, just to try and sneak attack The Kidd, only to quickly fail and get dominated, it seems no one every watches these vids. Anyway, this is the first time SKW gets to see Asia Perez in action and she is stunning. Once SK is in control he gets rid of her boots, much to my dismay, and uses them as a weapon, which I guess makes it worth losing the boots for the rest of the match. We also get a lot of other great moves along the path of destruction for poor Asia. Anyone who’s ever seen one of these mixed squash matches, will know what kind of destruction to expect. Asia has beautiful big eyes, which help her selling. She doesn’t really cross them or roll them, but they still look great when she’s going out. SK wraps it up with a powerbomb on the bed, and a piledriver on the hotel floor. It’s always crazy to see those moves done outside of the mat room. Overall, Fetcon brings us another beautiful talent that will hopefully be making her way to Atlanta, because I’d love to more of her soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10