Review of Ashley’s Sparring Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAshley’s Sparring Match – 10 Mins

ASHAshley enters the ring all bubbly about having a sparring match with you, but you quickly jab her in the mouth! Surprised, but realizing this is going to be rougher than a sparring match, Ashley goes into a stance with her guard open, so you respond with a couple more jabs into her face. After an uppercut that sends her into the ropes she gets angry and brings the fight to you, pounding you with her own hard punches. Your response is another uppercut that completely stuns her. She is reeling, defenseless, and suddenly trapped in the corner. You hit her with a few jabs then knock her head from side to side with hooks and backhands. You hit her stomach which causes her to lean forward, arms now draped on the top rope. An uppercut causes her to crumble to the canvas, knocked out. But the match isn’t over there, as Ashley wakes up for round two, looking at you and you signal her to come over. She gets up and says “this isn’t over!” while staggering towards you. The two of you trade punches, but Ashley is no match for you and soon ends up on the receiving end of a major beat down! A huge uppercut puts this beauty away and you get to enjoy looking at her unconscious body laying on the ring mat!

I literally love everything about this video. Ashley sells everything as I hoped the moment I saw this video. She comes in super bubbly and happy, which was just super cute and awesome. She tries to get tough once you pop her with the first punch. Hard as she tries, she ends up being you punching bag for most of the video. Ashley makes lots of great faces, smiling and happy when she shows up, angry and confused when you first punch her and best of all, terrified and dazed, for most of the match. Her eyes are rolling all around in her head and she struggles to stay on her feet. Which one of the best parts about the way she sells this. She also reels a lot from most of your punches, hanging herself, barely conscious in the ropes. You often take the time to hold her head up and get a great look at the dazed look in her eyes. We also get not one, but two total KOs and you mock her after the first KO, which only makes her even more upset, but it still doesn’t help as she’s soon super dazed again later KO’d for good. My only tiny issues with this video is Ashley’s shorts. They cover much more of her sexy belly then I would like. So if I could change anything at all about this vid, it would be that and that only. Amazing job my Rick and Ashely.

Overall Score: 9.9/10