Review of Ashley’s Poor Feet

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAshley’s Poor Feet – 12 mins

As this video begins, we find Ashley Wildcat in the ring happy to be joining us for a wrestling match, until she sees who her opponent is. Mystique enters and immediately grabs Ashley in a sleeper hold. Barely conscious, Ashley drops to the mat and endures several mounted face punches that knock her out. Mystique then decides to take Ashley’s cute golden boots as a trophy and strips her of them. From there on out it’s a massive torture session, with Mystique working over the cute visitor’s feet in tons of creative ways. Ashley screams in pain throughout until she’s knocked out a second time from an elbow to the face while being held in a leg lock. But the evil Mystique isn’t quite through with her opponent and wakes her up only to prop her in the corner for a few face punches. A final uppercut drops Ashley like a ton of bricks and this match is over.

It seems Ashley remembers her last run in with Mystique, as soon as Ashley sees her, she knows she’s in trouble. This time Mystique is focused on torturing Ashley’s feet. Mystique comes up with all sorts of mean a cruel ways to twist and bend Ashley and her poor feet. Although Mystique really only focuses on one foot, as the other keeps its sock on the whole time. Ashley is howling in pain most of the match and favors the tortured foot when Mystique makes her stand on it. We also get a few great KOs a well, Mystique a few times just decides she wants Ashley out cold and with a quick and simple attack, she makes it so. Overall, this is Mystique just being a bully to poor Ashley. I love Ashley’s selling, remembering to favor her injured foot when she’s forced to stand and we also get some good KOs too. It all makes this one really great to watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10